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Cost of mentoring per person 


reached directly over a trial period of 3 months


more consumer reach, exceeding KPI (projected)


Whiskey lovers needed an easier and more accessible way to access whiskey knowledge. 

We set out to deliver the expected premium experience and branded storytelling while reducing cost and achieving scale with technology.

We found that our audience likes to buy products which stand out as being different; from the latest technology to being viewed as knowledgeable and being first in the know. Johnnie Walker needed to provide that social currency that will put our audience in this position of knowledge.


Through the use of holographic content, we created a virtual mentoring program, offering an always on solution to whisky education. 

With each holographic edition bottle sold, consumers are challenged to “not just drink your Black Label. Play with it”. 

QR codes or hyperlinks lead consumers to a dedicated channel of holographic content, bringing the Johnnie Walker narrative to life in the very palm of their hand. 


Cost of mentoring reduced from 300USD to 8USD per person. 

Over a test period of 3 months, 85,296 consumers were reached directly in USA and Thailand. 

Projected to exceed FY17 consumer reach KPI by 40%. 

Following the initial success, China, South Africa, Philippines, Russia, Canada and Brazil will now launch. 


Everything is connected, everything communicates. In a world of radical transparency, every experience anyone anywhere has with a brand speaks volumes. Invent Make Change is our framework for design and innovation. Created with our global community it brings together toolkits and best practices that unify our approach. Rooted in the principles of design thinking, experience design and agile, we operate with a strong bias to creativity and craft.

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