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engaged users in less than three months


visitors returned to the site 15% more frequently 


users spend nine minutes on average on the site


The Telegraph wanted to connect a younger generation of reader to its brand and engage 10 million readers by 2020.

Digital readers tend to ‘sleep walk’ their way into news and only 3% were actually engaging or even aware it was The Telegraph they were reading. 


With a wealth of data at our fingertips from across subject areas as wide as news, finance and travel we used it as the fuel to drive a more personal reading experience with our audience.

Building on the fantastic segmentation work The Telegraph’s data and insight team had already done, Fetch brought this strategy to life across devices, channels and mediums.

Fetch used targeted app download campaigns, personalised re-engagement initiatives and ROI driven performance across The Telegraph's travel, events, finance and new premium products. 


3.2m engaged users in less than three months.

People spend nine minutes on average on the site.

Visitors returned to the site 15% more frequently.


Fetch is a mobile-first agency for digital economy brands that helps ambitious brands grow quickly by understanding the mobile consumer better than anyone. Fetch’s top clients include Hulu, Facebook, Mozilla, Expedia, AEG Presents, and lululemon. 

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