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Product Codes Exchanged


Mountain Dew was looking to cement its place in gaming culture to drive brand preference and drive sales in a creative and authentic way. 


To gear up for the much-anticipated release of the next Call of Duty title, Mountain Dew offered gamers the opportunity to earn in-game rewards and exclusive content through special packaging codes. A gamified experience allowed fans to redeem their product codes for in-game advantages like double-XP, and get access to exclusive, personalized content that extended the Call of Duty universe.

Call of Duty fans are always looking for ways to get closer to their favorite franchise. As part of a wider campaign, dentsu gaming designed a series of exclusive vignettes which added context and color to some of the key characters in the game. Leveraging customers’ webcams and facial recognition technology, we put Dew fans into the vignettes making them the star of their own personalized Call of Duty stories as an additional reward for inputting their product codes.


We created an award-winning program that gives gamers the in-game rewards and exclusive Call of Duty content they crave while increasing in-game engagement and sales of Mountain Dew products.​ Call of Duty fanatics love the game for its near-photorealistic animations, so our creative team, in partnership with Activision, created bespoke 3D content to bring rewards to life and inspire fans to come back for more. Over five million product codes were exchanged for in-game advantages and features like double XP. Collaborating with the game’s developers, we brought to life exclusive, original video content, beautifully animated and designed to allow Call of Duty fans to explore the back stories of some of the key characters in the new title. We used fans’ webcams and facial recognition technology to insert fans into the Call of Duty universe, creating personalized content at scale.